green commute

The hazards of petrol, diesel and gasoline-powered vehicle emissions are widely known. According to recent figures from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), 14% of global greenhouse emissions come from the transportation sector. Within the EU, this figure rises to 30%, 72% of which comes from vehicles on the road.
The energy used in the extraction of fossil fuels used to fuel road vehicles, as well as their negative effects of air quality in cities, are just some of the major factors to be taken into consideration when talking about the environment.
Fortunately, many countries around the world are moving towards green commute options by providing bikes and lanes dedicated to bikers and walkers, as well as introducing battery-powered public transport. These moves are designed to control carbon emissions whilst improving the health of citizens. SEE Wheelers would be a target platform to share and spread various green commute ideas, thoughts, and actionable solutions to help others do their bit for the environment as well as to promote the associated economic and health benefits.
Green Commute