Pollution & Climate change

Pollution is a growing menace. From plastic and toxic wastes dumped in the oceans to the greenhouse gases, pollen and mold released in the air, pollution encompasses all these harmful materials which potentially causes a range of health problems to not only humans but also the environment and other species that exist on the planet to maintain the ecological balance.
Pollution and its impacts on climate:
Pollution has a massively detrimental effect on the planet's climate and effectuates different types of damage through various types of contaminants and pollutants. For instance, the following types of contaminants and pollutants have different effects on their own to the environment but also alternatively they synergistically produce harmful effects on the climate.
  • Global Warming is caused by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, water vapour and chlorofluorocarbons. This is causing a huge rise in the earth’s temperature by trapping the heat waves from the sun and the effects are calamitous; resulting in the melting of the polar ice caps of the earth and the depletion of the layers of ice. The results will be catastrophic, causing ports and coastal places to drown and go below the sea level.
  • Ozone layer Depletion is also caused due to aerosols and chlorofluorocarbons and the effects include the entry of all the harmful radiation into the earth’s atmosphere, which can negatively impact the life on the planet.
  • Water Pollution is caused due to the dumping and deposition of various toxic, chemical wastes and non-biodegradable materials like plastics in the oceans and water bodies. The results are morbid, causing a tremendous imbalance by killing the organisms that inhabit the marine environment like whales, dolphins and corals amongst others and rendering the waters unsafe for use as well as habitat for certain organisms.
  • Acid Rains are caused by the condensation of the harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and etc. along with the water vapour during rainy seasons. These rains are potentially dangerous as their pH levels are very low and cause oxidation and bleaching actions like proper acids. Thus the health of living beings is negatively impacted when they come in contact with such pungent rains. These may even cause damage to buildings and architectural installations, and also destroy marine life. Agricultural products are also rendered poisonous and massive crop losses are encountered.
Impacts on daily life:
Climate change has disastrous effects on our daily lives. A warmer and anomalous climate leads to the proliferation of germs and pathogens and amplifies the level of air pollutants. Changing climate patterns are causing anomalous weather conditions and affecting the seasons. The prerequisites of health such as clean air, clean water, sufficient food grains devoid of any impurities, natural restrictions on infectious diseases and their causative agents; are gradually being impacted negatively and exhausted due to climate change.
What needs to be done now:
The state of the planet and its ecosystem is dire and the mode of action should be a combined efforts from all individuals as well as firms by raising awareness about the challenges of climate change and its antecedents; and further share the acts that people can implement in their routine lives to minimize their share of carbon footprint. Some of these acts might include reducing the use of plastics or at least avoid single use plastics, choosing public transport, and reducing the consumption of materials that lead to the evolution of harmful gases and industrial wastes. These practices are easy to implement yet they can deliver significant positive impact.
Pollution & Climate change